'We need to find Kyron, and that's what this is all about'

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Kyron Horman
SEATTLE -- Seventeen months have passed since Kyron Horman vanished from his elementary school in Oregon.

Since then, detectives have invested more than 26,000 hours investigating the boy's disappearance and conducted more than 3,500 interviews. The boy's stepmother still remains under intense scrutiny, but no arrests have been made in the case.

"It's a little bit of mourning for loss everyday," said the boy's father, Kaine Horman. "(It is the) second time since he's been missing that we celebrated a birthday without him, and it's been really tough."

Kaine Horman is doing what he can to keep the search alive. Every weekend, he takes to the road, raising awareness about his missing son. He travels with boxes of buttons, bracelets and T-shirts to spread around Washington, Oregon and California.

"We need people to stay alert, remember what he looks like, remember that he's still missing," he said. "And we need to keep looking."

This week's work brought him to Seattle and Shoreline Stadium, where he played football as a boy.

"This is home away from home," he said.

Kaine Horman says his estranged wife Terri Horman's lack of cooperation with investigators has been a source of constant frustration.

"We feel that she's got information that could help lead to closure in this investigation. And we need her to give it to us, and she's refusing to cooperate," said Kaine Horman.

Kyron Horman was 7 years old when his stepmother dropped him off at school for a science fair. Terri Horman has never been labeled a suspect, but has remained a focus of the investigation.

Kaine Horman says his wife led a double life.

"And after the second polygraph failure, she refused to continue any additional interviews moving forward," he said. "I was briefed on a murder-for-hire plot they uncovered three weeks after he went missing, and I haven't spoken with her since."

Terri Horman denies any involvement in the boy's disappearance, or the alleged plot against her husband.

"We discussed the murder-for-hire, and still it's something my brain can't process nor does it really need to," Kaine Horman said. "We need to find Kyron, and that's what this is all about. And everything else is waiting for when he's found. And justice will come and be served."

Searches last month turned up nothing, and police have warned the devastated father that this case might take some time to close.

"They phrased it (this way) - It could be a sprint or a marathon, and (it will) most likely a marathon based on what they had uncovered at the beginning of the case," Kaine Horman said.

Despite dead-ends, Kyron Horman's father clings to the hope that his son will be found alive.

"We have not received truth of what happened that day, and we need that truth to find where he's at, and finish this out. And we haven't gotten it," said Kaine Horman.

More information about the search for Kyron Horman can be found at bringkyronhome.org.