Cop involved in murder case fired for porn, marriage 'fraud'

Cop involved in murder case fired for porn, marriage 'fraud'
Lynn Benton

GLADSTONE, Ore. – A former Gladstone police sergeant, who has been implicated in a complicated murder-for-hire plot and was recently fired from the police department, was not terminated for reasons related to the murder investigation, documents revealed.

Rather, a police memo shows Sgt. Lynn Benton was fired for being involved in a "fraudulent marriage" and viewing pornography on his work computer.

Benton has made headlines for her connection to a murder-for-hire plot.

Investigators into the murder Debbie Higbee-Benton, Lynn Benton's estranged spouse, claim Benton offered an acquaintance $2,000 to kill Higbee-Benton.

Benton has not been charged with a crime and the investigation is continuing. He has also completed gender reassignment procedures and is now legally a male.

On Thursday, the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office released a memo to City Administrator Pete Boyce from Gladstone police chief Jim Pryde. The memo details the two allegations that led to Benton being fired.

Pryde wrote that Benton was involved in a “fraudulent marriage in 1993 to a Brazilian… so he could obtain citizenship in the United States.” The chief wrote that allegation was “sustained.”

Pryde also said Benton “possessed and viewed pornographic material on his assigned Gladstone Police Department laptop computer."

Since both of those activities violated Gladstone Police department policy, Pryde said he recommended firing Benton.

Benton was placed on leave the day after Debbie Higbee-Benton was found murdered in the beauty salon she operated. He was fired December 12, the day the memo was written.