Nasty stomach bug going around, making kids sick

Nasty stomach bug going around, making kids sick »Play Video
Jake Mohrmann, 5, stayed home sick on Tuesday.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Has your kid been home sick lately? A contagious stomach bug that's going around may be to blame.

KATU News first learned about the problem after a co-worker said her son was sick and so were a lot of his classmates.

The stomach bug that's going around can be caused by several different viruses, but the first symptom is usually vomiting.

Five-year-old Jake Mohrmann said he threw up three times during the night. His little sister, Ashley, was sick last week.

Dr. William Lennarz, an emergency room doctor at Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital, said kids are more susceptible because they touch their mouths, their tears and their toys.

Local preschools are sending a lot of kids home sick and to prevent the bug from spreading, are also sanitizing everything and telling kids to wash their hands often.

However, if your kid is already sick, have them drink a lot of water. Keeping them hydrated is key.

"Number one, when they cry do they make tears? Number 2, when you look in their mouths do they make nice, wet pools of saliva?" explained Dr. Lennarz.

If not, your kid is dehydrated. For infants, Enfamil Enfalyte with electrolytes will help and for other kids, any liquid will do.

Dr. Lennarz said stomach bugs are spread through contact, so kids can get adults sick. Also, there are a lot of different strains of the stomach virus that's going around, so it is possible that your kids could get sick again.