Is that an iPod? No... it's an iRoy, as in Brandon Roy!

Is that an iPod?  No... it's an iRoy, as in Brandon Roy! »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - You won’t find this iPod at your local Apple store.

It’s the iRoy – the Blazers’ marketing gizmo to make sure Brandon Roy gets his best shot at making the All-Star team.

The Trail Blazers know Roy’s only chance is to be selected by NBA coaches, who will make their picks after the starters (based on fan voting) are released on Thursday. So the team sent an iRoy to every Western Conference coach, plus a select group of the national media.

It is certain to at least grab their attention. The iRoy is basically a silver video Nano iPod that’s been "Roy’d" up.

There’s a nifty "iRoy" cover that slides over the usual packaging, a picture of Roy over the iPod video screen that must be removed before the initial use, and complete iRoy instructions.

And that’s not all. The team has loaded the player up with video showing why Roy should be an all-star, including highlights, a testimonial from Coach Nate McMillan and plugs from national sports shows.

The Blazers sent out about 75 in all. At nearly $200 a pop just for the iPod, that’s upwards of a $15,000 all-star campaign.

They’ll soon find out if it pays off. The coaches picks will be announced next week on Jan. 31.