Grandparent scam strikes again

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"Jean" received a phone call Monday from someone claiming to be her grandson. The caller said he was in a car wreck and needed money. The caller, however, was a scam artist and tricked her and her husband out of thousands of dollars.

CANBY, Ore. – A Canby couple is out thousands of dollars after scammers tricked them into thinking their grandson was in trouble and needed money.

Unfortunately, it's a story that's been in the news before.

Not wanting their true identities revealed, "Jean" and "David" said they are embarrassed about their ordeal that began Monday when the phone rang.

"(The caller) said, 'Grandma, this is Garret.' And I thought, 'Huh,' because he doesn't call often," Jean said. "I said, 'Hi Garret, how you doing.' And he said, 'Not so good.'"

Their 16-year-old "grandson" said he was in Barcelona, Spain and he and a buddy had crashed their car. They needed money to pay the repair bill before they could leave the country.

"He said, 'Please don't tell Mom or Dad, because Mom will be so upset,'" Jean said.

David said he thought the caller was his grandson, too.

"It sounded like him. It sounded just like him," he said.

Using Western Union, Jean and David sent two payments of $2,326 and $2,226. Then they sent a third payment of $1,920 for medical expenses.

Then the scammer called again.

"That's when I insisted that he give me some phone number that I could reach him, and that's when he gave me that sex line number," Jean said.

Jean and David then confirmed their grandson had never been in Spain. The scammers, however, were in Spain but not in Barcelona.

Western Union says the scammers picked up the money 200 miles to the south in the town of Valencia. It was too late for Jean and David to get their money back.

It's typical for scammers like this to pick up the money in a different town than they say they're in. Scammers just need the wire transfer code, the name it's under and the amount it's for to collect the money.