Video shows racing boat crash on Columbia River

Video shows racing boat crash on Columbia River
Workers recovered the drag racing boat on Friday afternoon. (KATU photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Grainy cell phone video shows glimpses of a drag racing boat crash on the Columbia River on Thursday.

Sheriff’s deputies said the boat’s pilot, 31-year-old Trevor Olson, was injured in the crash. He is still being treated at the hospital for his injuries.

Investigators said the boat flipped several times. Olson was ejected via an automatic safety system. His cousin came to his aid seconds later and helped get him to shore.

Salvage crews used a small boat and a hoist to pull the racing boat off the river floor on Friday afternoon.

Ron Pardue, who witnessed the crash and said he has known Olson for years, said he saw the boat fly up in the air. He thought the boat’s engine hit Olson at one point.

He told reporters that Olson had a knack for racing all kinds of vehicles.

“Everything is speed,” he said of Olson. “He likes to race motorcycles, he races everything.”

Watch the video (warning - contains profanity):