Questions remain in Tualatin woman's death

Questions remain in Tualatin woman's death »Play Video
A note left for the victim. KATU photo.

TUALATIN, Ore. - Investigators are looking into an odd chain of events that began with a hit and run and ended with a woman found dead on a front lawn.

The story began late Friday night, around midnight, when police were called to the Tualatin Meadows Apartments in the 18000 block of Southwest 90th Avenue on a report of a hit and run.

Nearby resident Michael Escobar said he saw two drivers talking after a crash and that the exchange appeared to be a calm one.

"I didn't really hear yelling," he said. "It didn't sound like they were arguing. That's why I say it seemed like they were family or something because, I mean, if I got in an accident with one of my brothers, we wouldn't really be arguing or anything. We would just be like 'OK, let's figure out how to fix this. So that's why I thought it was a little weird because we didn't hear no arguing or anything."

But at some point, the driver of the car that was believed to have hit the other vehicle took off. When police arrived, they pinpointed 44-year-old Lujar Philippo as the suspect.

When officers went to knock on Philippo's door, he wasn't there but his live-in girlfriend, 31-year-old Kiorinta Edmond, was and she allowed police inside her home to look for her boyfriend.

Police didn't find him and after their crash investigation, they left the scene.

It wasn't long, though, before police were called back to the apartment complex after getting reports of shouting in the same couple's apartment.

"I heard a guy, sounded like two or three people, and a woman's voice screaming and arguing," one neighbor said. "And I heard him fighting and he was so enraged and screaming and very angry."

Edmond was later found dead on a lawn and police took Philippo, who reportedly approached officers with knives in his hands, into custody.

Police said when they first responded to the apartment complex on the hit and run crash, Edmond gave them no indication that anything was wrong or that she was worried about her safety.

Philippo is now facing murder charges.