Tre Arrow back in Portland to face charges

Tre Arrow back in Portland to face charges »Play Video
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Fugitive environmental activist Tre Arrow is back in Portland to stand trial today in federal court on conspiracy and arson charges.
The 34-year-old environmental militant sought asylum in Canada in 2004, claiming he was a victim of political persecution.
He fought extradition from his jail cell in Canada but was refused asylum by Canadian officials.
A recent 14-count federal grand jury indictment has charged Arrow with conspiracy, arson, attempted arson, and use of destructive devices.
He is accused of taking part in the destruction of several concrete-mixing trucks at Ross Island Sand and Gravel Company in Portland in April 2001. He's also blamed with destroying logging trucks in June 2001.
He drew attention by camping out on a ledge on the U.S. Forest Service building in downtown Portland for several days during the summer of 2000.
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