Four arrested after reports that dogs were hit with shovel

Four arrested after reports that dogs were hit with shovel
Two of the dogs seized on Wednesday from the house in Beaverton.

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Police officers in Beaverton arrested four people after getting several reports that people were beating dogs with a hammer and shovel.

Police showed up at the house on SW 11th in Beaverton on Wednesday morning and talked with witnesses who said people were hitting the pit bulls in the back yard, according to Beaverton Police spokesman Mike Rowe.

Officers then called in Washington County Animal Control and Oregon Humane Society officers to help with the investigation.

Ultimately they arrested four people and charged them with animal neglect and animal abuse.

The four people are:

  • Carl Crosswhite Jr., 43
  • Stanford Evans, 59
  • Steven Young, 36
  • Darlene Exendine, 48

The three men were also charged with disorderly conduct after police said they threatened neighbors who told them to stop hurting the dogs.

Officers at the house on Wednesday afternoon said they weren’t sure why there were so many pit bulls at the home.

The owner of four of the dogs surrendered them to the Oregon Human Society. The other six were seized by Beaverton Police officers.

All of the dogs are now at OHS to get treatment.