Investigators mulling criminal charges in crash that killed teen

Investigators mulling criminal charges in crash that killed teen

ALOHA, Ore. – The driver in a deadly crash that killed a 17-year-old boy in Aloha on Tuesday was in the middle of a seizure when her car drove on to the sidewalk and hit the boy, her mother said.

Michelle Young, 41, did not know she hit and killed the boy at the time. She was hospitalized with leg injuries and was scheduled for surgery Wednesday.

Young’s mother said her daughter suffered a seizure and was very upset when she learned that 17-year-old Max McGregor died in the crash.

It was Young’s second seizure of the day, her mother said.

McGregor was killed on the sidewalk along 185th Avenue on Tuesday afternoon. He was walking one block away from his home.

Washington County deputies said Young could face criminal charges even though she was in the middle of a medical emergency during the crash. Detectives are investigating whether she was taking medication, and whether that played a role in the crash.

“If a person has a medical condition it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not responsible for any of their actions after that point,” said Washington County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Bob Ray. “They need to make sure they’re following everything they’re supposed to be doing to be healthy and keep other people safe at the same time.”

Young’s mother said her daughter has not been taking medications for her seizures, but she has been taking medications for depression and anxiety.

Young was arrested on a DUII charge in 2008, but her mother said no alcohol was involved and blamed her medications.

Young pleaded no contest and entered a diversion program. The charge was later dropped.

Investigators said it could take several more days to decide whether to pursue criminal charges related to Tuesday's crash.

“I really feel for the person who was driving the car,” said Nikki Hurtado, who was placing flowers at the roadside memorial for McGregor Wednesday. “I don’t know what happened and why she jumped the curb and struck him.”

Counselors were on hand Wednesday at the Health and Science School in Beaverton, where McGregor was a student.

A KATU viewer sent in this photo of the fence repair that was done after the crash. A contractor made a special memorial for the teenager who was killed.