Oregon State cancels 'wear black' promotion

Oregon State cancels 'wear black' promotion

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A sea of orange filled Reser Stadium at the first home game of the year for the Beavers, the first installment of an Oregon State plan to flood the stadium with fans dressed in school colors.

"The university and the athletic department was hoping to encourage attendance and support our football game," said Steve Clark, vice president of university relations, "so certain games wear orange attire, two games wear black attire.

OSU printed "wear black" and "wear orange" on some football tickets, posters and on the athletic website to coordinate colors.

But the "wear black" days aroused concerns.

"This community is not ready for having a blackout Reser or a wear black day when students don't realize wearing black could be really culturally insensitive," said Amelia Harris, president of the Associated Students of OSU.

Harris is referring to an incident back in 2007 which led to protests outside Reser Stadium. During a student campaign called "Blackout Reser," some students wore black face paint and afro wigs.

"Even if I wear black makeup and I don't think its harmful or racist, that doesn't mean someone won't take it very seriously," Harris said.

After hearing student concerns, the athletic department decided to end the promotion.

Students have mixed feelings.

"I think it's kind of silly," said freshman Carly Januzzi.

"So we're taking pride that we're actually doing well this year, and saying that they're no longer behind us - it's kind of like ... why?" asked sophomore Sarah Folytn.