The legendary Jim Bosley passes away

The legendary Jim Bosley passes away »Play Video
KATU File photo.
PORTLAND, Ore. - Former KATU meteorologist and AM Northwest host Jim Bosley has died. He was 73.

KATU was informed Monday morning by his wife, Karen, that Bosley died Sunday evening about 6 p.m. from congestive heart failure. 

Bosley, nicknamed "The Boz," was a longtime icon at KATU, where he anchored the weather department for over 30 years. He started work at the station in 1962.

Bosley did not start out doing weather. He had done some weather forecasting while working at a station in Klamath Falls but came to KATU to work as the creative director.

But when the news program suddenly came up short in the weather department, the KATU news director tapped Bosley to fill in due to his experience in Klamath Falls.

The rest is history.

He was also the popular host of KATU's morning show, AM Northwest, which he hosted from its inception in 1975 until his retirement 25 years later. He retired from on-air duties in 2000.

Bosley's trademark weather forecast detail was called "Rate the Day," in which he would rank the forecast for the upcoming day on a scale of 1 to 10. Sunny days usually ranked higher than rain.

After retiring, the gregarious Bosley spent extended periods of time in the Fiji islands, where he held the title "Honorary Consul" for the Northwest, according to KATU meteorologist Rhonda Shelby. Shelby said Bosley had diplomatic plates on his vehicle while in the island nation and could park most anywhere he wanted.

Bosley also enjoyed creating sculpture and was a resident artist at the Lawrence Gallery in Portland.

Funeral arrangement details have not yet been released.