$2,000 reward for helping to get stolen snowmobiles back

$2,000 reward for helping to get stolen snowmobiles back »Play Video
Grainy surveillance video shows a vehicle driving away with two stolen snowmobiles in tow.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Grainy surveillance video captured a vehicle with a white canopy driving away from a condo complex, towing two stolen snowmobiles.

The owner is offering a $2,000 reward to get them back.

It was about a year ago Carson Lushin met his future wife. Their first day was snowmobiling together. So the snowmobiles have sentimental value.

Lushin said he thinks the thieves used bolt cutters to cut off the lock. The thieves left that behind like a souvenir.

The thieves can't be seen on the video loading up the red 2011 RMK Pro snowmobiles and the stolen trailer they drove them away on.

"They did it quickly. They cased and prowled," Lushin said.

The video does show the thieves driving by twice after midnight then coming back five hours later to finish up.

"It appears maybe late 90s, early 2000s, half-ton, maybe a Dodge or possibly a Chevy Z71 2-door," Lushin said.

It's tough to tell the vehicle's color. And it's tough for Lushin to lose the snowmobiles he and his wife love so much. From their first date on Mount St. Helens to the weekends on the mountain that followed, the theft has angered his wife and left Lushin focused on one thing.

"I want the snowmobiles back. At this point, I could care less about prosecution. It seems like no one gets caught anymore in this town," he said.

Lushin said he's checking to see if the thieves try to sell the stolen snowmobiles.

Vancouver police are also working this case, and they're looking into more surveillance video from a nearby business.