Safety lapse at Chuck-E-Cheese's leads to employee discipline

Safety lapse at Chuck-E-Cheese's leads to employee discipline »Play Video
Cassy Wood says she took five kids from her day care program to the Chuck-E-Cheese's on Southeast Powell for a birthday party.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The owner of the Chuck-E-Cheese's restaurant on Southeast Powell told KATU News he disciplined several employees after a safety lapse on Thursday night.

The owner, Tom Maginnis, confirms his staff did not follow its safety guidelines by checking to make sure kids leave with the adults who brought them.

Chuck-E-Cheese's restaurants stamp kids and adults from the same group with matching wrist stamps. An employee stationed at the door is supposed to check stamps to make sure they match when kids and adults leave.

"It is a big concern," said Cassy Wood, a day care owner from Northeast Portland who sent KATU News a news tip after an event on Thursday night.

Wood brought five kids from her day care program to the Southeast Powell restaurant for a birthday party on Thursday.

She says staff did not monitor the door and allowed her to leave with three kids on two separate occasions.

"None of the kids even look like me," said Wood, who is Asian.  "We had three blond-hair, blue-eye kids walking out the door with me."

The restaurant is a franchise location. Chuck-E-Cheese's corporate staff directed us to the local owner.

Tom Maginnis says he does not own any other restaurants.

"We made a mistake. It is a small mistake," said Maginnis.

"We are 99 percent accurate," he said, claiming an employee was diverted to another assignment away from the door.

Maginnis says the stamp system is purely voluntary and not even enforceable.

"We have no authority to force an adult to show us their stamps," he said, in a phone conversation with KATU.

KATU has not received complaints about other Chuck-E-Cheese's locations in our area.