Formula for cheaper gas: Baking soda, water, $200

Formula for cheaper gas: Baking soda, water, $200 »Play Video

MILLERSBURG, Ore. - According to a Linn County man, some water, baking soda and $200 worth of instructions and supplies will outfit you with technology that will cut your fuel bill in half.

Ray Warren said he installed a hydrogen generation system in his pickup using instructions he purchased off the Internet and that he has doubled his gas mileage from 15 miles per gallon in town to 30 miles per gallon.

Warren claims this is no lie and that you can do it too. "If you can read a book, you can do it," he said.

Warren said after seeing for himself that the system works, he has a lot of questions for the auto industry and wonders why they don't install this type of technology in every car.