Employee: No warning given about Hooters closure

Employee: No warning given about Hooters closure »Play Video
BEAVERTON, Ore. - A former employee of a Hooters restaurant in Beaverton said she was surprised to learn Sunday that the restaurant had closed and she was out of a job.

The closure marks the second time a Hooters has closed in the metro area, leaving only the Jantzen Beach location still in operation.

The Beaverton location shut down Saturday night following business hours. On Sunday, large tarps covered the Hooters signs on the building.

The establishment opened in 2004 with a lot of fanfare. The restaurants cater to a predominantly male clientele and feature a female wait staff dressed in trademark orange shorts and white tank tops with an owl logo.

Former employee Heather Marshall said she can understand why the business shut down, but was upset about how employees were let go with little to no notice or offers of assistance.

She received a letter detailing the closure and informing her she could apply for work at the Jantzen Beach location.

"It should have been just outright," Marshall said. ""This is happening, we're really sorry, we'll help you in any way we can." Instead, it was, "well, we don't have any information for you and we're closed.""

Hooters officials refused to talk about how the layoffs were handled. Store managers blamed the closure on poor sales.