'Busted' hangs mug shots out for everyone to see

'Busted' hangs mug shots out for everyone to see »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. – It is just one more reason not to get into trouble: you may appear in "Busted.”
It's a newspaper that shows hundreds of mug shots of people arrested for everything from speeding to rape.

Busted is new to the Portland area but is already available in six other cities across the country.
The creator says he's just making law breakers more accountable.

The local issue of the paper, which sells for $1, lists mug shots of people who have been arrested recently in Multnomah County.

The publisher, who would only give his name as Ryan due to security concerns, said everything that is in the paper is information you could find for yourself on local law enforcement Web sites.

Ryan says he gets calls from people he puts in the paper.
He says it is his way of making it easier for locals to know who's been breaking the law.

At Peterson’s convenience store, customers like Guido Casey were taking a look through the rows of unsmiling suspects’ mug shots.

“Just to see who I know who's in here,” Casey said.

Casey says it's a practical tool that could let him know who he's talking to.

“I work in an alternative store, there's a lot of people who come in looking for money, other stuff,” Casey adds, “so you never know…”

Publisher Ryan says he is selling about 60,000 copies a month. Even though he's making the faces of criminal suspects more visible, Ryan wants to remain somewhat anonymous, for obvious reasons.

“But you know, I honestly don't feel too bad about somebody who, you know, maybe got a DUI, maybe put my family at risk by driving drunk on the roads, or somebody that has committed a burglary, or maybe a registered sex offender who lives in your neighborhood that you didn't know about,” Ryan told KATU News in a phone interview.”

Some people think some of the suspects don't deserve this kind of exposure and that the paper doesn't tell enough of the story.

“She could have said something mean to somebody downtown and a cop gave her a ticket,” Michael King said as he looked at one mug shot of a woman, “I don't think this is right.”

Publisher Ryan said the people in the paper were picked at random and that right now the paper is a bi-weekly publication.
In a couple of months he says it will come out every week and should include just about everybody that gets arrested in Multnomah County.

Ryan says he is working on an edition for Clackamas County as well.