Lincoln High's baseball coach resigns

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PORTLAND, Ore. - Lincoln High School's baseball coach has resigned amid allegations he accompanied three players to a strip club while in San Francisco for a spring break baseball tournament.

Michael Todd's resignation came as Portland Public Schools opened an investigation into his conduct during the tournament.  As is usually the case in these types of matters, details surrounding the allegations are few and the school district isn't saying who the kids are or releasing their ages.  A district spokesperson did say the incident was reported by students who had heard about it from ball players.

Although the 25-year-old has resigned and no longer works for Portland Public Schools, the school district said it is forwarding the case to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for further review. KATU tried to contact Todd Friday evening but got no response from him. 

Meanwhile, Bill Ranta will be taking over the coaching duties at Lincoln High School.  He works in the district's athletic office but has coached baseball for more than 30 years.

"I'm excited about doing this," he said.  "It's too bad it had to happen.  But I think good things will come from this."

This isn't the first coach at Lincoln High School who has run into trouble recently.  The boys basketball coach, 27-year-old David Adelman, was in hot water after he was arrested a second time on suspicion of drunk driving.  The first arrest was in 2005 but the case was dismissed on the condition he enter a diversion program.

After careful consideration, Principal Peyton Chapman decided Adelman should stay with the team for the rest of the season so as not to punish the students for his mistakes.  Adelman has been coaching at Lincoln High School since 2006.  He is the son of former Trail Blazers coach Rick Adelman.