Girl's message in a bottle took a plane to Hawaii

Girl's message in a bottle took a plane to Hawaii »Play Video
CARLTON, Ore. (AP) - A "message in a bottle" story from the Yamhill County town of Carlton has turned into a "Hoax from Hawaii."
In February of 2003 Emily Streight, who was 12, launched the message into Panther Creek near Carlton.
She recently got a letter back from Hawaii from someone claiming to be a 16-year-old boy who found the bottle on a beach.
But a television station in Hawaii says a man has admitted finding the bottle not far from where Streight launched it, then moved to Hawaii and found the bottle while unpacking.
When she heard of the writer's true identity, she told a TV station in Portland that she thought the whole thing seemed pretty far fetched when she got the letter in the mail.
The bottle would have had to have floated through a series of connecting creeks and rivers to the Columbia and across the Pacific.
But she says she is not upset.

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