Milwaukie dog breeder cited for zoning violations

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MILWAUKIE, Ore. - A local dog breeder keeping dozens of dogs in cramped and unclean conditions inside her Milwaukie home was cited Friday for violating city zoning laws.

Lolly Harris raises dozens of adult chows and puppies in her tiny 800-square-foot home. But under the city's municipal code, Harris' home is zoned R-5. That means she can have no more than four dogs on the property and no commercial business.

But Harris has as many as 40 dogs at a time in the home and sells puppies on the Internet for $1,200 each.

Harris was also cited for not paying business taxes.

The charges came after a KATU investigation into conditions at the home. Feces was spread across the floor and carpeting was soaked with urine, creating an odor so pungent it burned the nose.

Clackamas County Animal Control officials visited the home after the story ran on KATU but did nothing because under Oregon's animal cruelty law, Harris was providing "minimum care." The dogs have water and food and areas where they can escape the feces and urine.

But Harris' kennel operation can still be shut down by zoning laws.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 29. Harris faces a fine of $500 per day on each of the violations.

If she does not comply, city officials said they can team with animal control officials to rescue the dogs and shut down the kennel for good.