Man rescued near Mount Adams tried to help James Kim

Man rescued near Mount Adams tried to help James Kim »Play Video
NEAR TROUT LAKE, Wash. - Daryl Jane would rise each day, brush the new snow from his Jeep, and set ongoing goals: survive the morning. Survive the afternoon. Survive the freezing cold night.

Like James Kim and his family, who were stranded at the same time but hundreds of miles away in Oregon's Coast Range, Jane's fate rested on his choices.

Initially heading into the wilderness around Mount Adams for a one-night camping trip, Jane, 37, had driven his Jeep up a back road in the remote and mountainous Trout Lake area, looking for a place to turn around.

It had begun to snow, and it would not stop. Eventually, Jane's Jeep became stuck in the deepening snowfall.

Two weeks later, with his Jeep buried in snow eight feet deep, Jane was rescued by a searcher riding a snowmobile.

He had survived the two weeks on rice cakes, banana chips, a nearby water source and by running his vehicle's heater a few minutes a day.

And he had stayed in one place.

Jane says he mostly just stayed in his sleeping bag, although he did not sleep much.

He also says he did not hear rescue choppers, and the snow just kept coming. He took photos through the windshield as it piled ever higher around his Jeep.

"Turns out it dumps the most snow in Washington history," Jane recalls. " I am buried in, like, 8 feet of snow in this two-week period. And I just waited it out."

He says each day was the same: he would clean snow from the Jeep so it cold be seen from the air and try to hang on a little longer. "I had a snow brush. I would brush off the hood, brush off the roof, and just get back in the sleeping bag. And I did that day after day after day."

Meanwhile, search crews in southern Oregon were fanning out looking for the Kim family. Search crews were also looking for Jane, who was staying in his Jeep and setting goals.

"I would just break it down into hours. OK - I have survived this afternoon. OK - I can get through this night. All right - the sun would come up. I made it another morning," he says.

And then he was rescued, and he was informed about James Kim and his plight.

After a short hospital stay, Jane headed south to join the search for James Kim.

As he neared the search area, he found out his effort was in vain. James Kim had been found deceased. "I just really believed in my heart that we would find him alive, and I was shocked, I was shocked to get the news."

Despite his ordeal, Jane's family says he is in fairly good shape.