Mayor Sam Adams reacts to news he will not face charges

Mayor Sam Adams reacts to news he will not face charges »Play Video
In this Monday Jan 26, 2009 picture, Portland Mayor Sam Adams attends a joint session in the Council Chamber of City Hall in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

PORTLAND, Ore. - After being told he will not face charges in connection with his relationship with a former legislative intern, Mayor Sam Adams said he plans to continue doing the city's business.

The state Department of Justice had been investigating Adams since January, after the mayor admitted to having a sexual relationship with Beau Breedlove (pictured at right) when the younger man was 18 years old.  In the weeks that followed, Breedlove told reporters that Adams had kissed him twice when he was 17 years old but that the contact was mutual.  He also said that Adams had asked him to conceal the nature of the relationship.

Following a five-month investigation, Oregon Attorney General John Kroger released a report Monday morning stating there was no evidence to corroborate Breedlove's claims that illegal sexual contact occurred while he was a minor.

At a press conference on Monday, Kroger said the office was not making any judgment about Breedlove's truthfulness or his "personal credibility." Instead, he said, the report questioned "the credibility of his account" in terms of how it would hold up during a hearing. READ THE FULL REPORT (PDF)

The mayor watched the press conference from City Hall and then began answering reporter's questions. And there were a lot of answers being sought but time and time again, he said he would let the report speak for itself.

Adams would also not answer questions about whether he has a pattern of trying to tarnish the reputations of people who have brought up legitimate concerns against him throughout this ordeal - whether it's been political rivals (like Bob Ball, who had thoughts of running for mayor himself and brought concerns over Adams' behavior to light), former partners or even members of the press.

We also asked the mayor about the recall effort and he said he is not concerned about that and what he is going to do now is work hard and prove to the people of Portland that he is the man for the job.

Interview With Sam Adams

Q - "Did you ever think you would be wrapped up in this type of thing?"
A - "No."

Q - "How did you get wrapped up in it?"
A - "Well, as I've said before, I exhibited bad judgment, I've apologized for that bad judgment and that apology is definitely sincere. And I've worked hard to make amends by working hard as mayor."

Q - "Do you think this exonerates you?"
A - "It clears me of wrongdoing."

Q - "But it doesn't say you're innocent. Would you like it to say you're innocent?"
A - "In these kinds of investigations, being cleared of wrongdoing is what they say."

Q - "Beau Breedlove is saying there was a kiss at a train station and there was a kiss inside a men's bathroom.  So he'd be lying?"
A - "You know, the Attorney General of this state interviewed around 60 witnesses and then looked at, as he describes himself, vast amounts of information and came to the conclusion of no wrongdoing."

Q - "So is Beau Breedlove lying?"
A - "You know, I refer back to the report and the report speaks for itself."

Q - "Do you have anything to say to Bob Ball? I mean, you destroyed his political career."
A - "The issues leading up to that, you know, are a little more complex than that.  But I'll leave it up to you to see fit how you report on that.  I'm not going to go back and re-plow all that."

Q - "Do you think you're going to have a credibility problem moving forward?"
A - "You know, again, my apology was heartfelt when I came forward with the fact that I had exhibited bad judgment.  I said this is what happened.  And I think that the attorney general and the report bears that out."