Mother accuses Adams of scheme to discredit son

Mother accuses Adams of scheme to discredit son »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - The mother of the young man at the center of the scandal involving Portland Mayor Sam Adams released a statement Tuesday saying Adams carried out a strategy to discredit her son and deceive the public.

The statement came a day after a report released by the state's top law enforcement arm had harsh words for her son, Beau Breedlove, saying he benefited "both in notoriety and financial gain" by the public drama and that he lacked credibility in his account of what happened between himself and the mayor.

The report came after a five-month investigation by the state Department of Justice into whether Adams broke any laws in his relationship with Breedlove and his attempts to cover it up. Oregon Attorney General John Kroger said Monday investigators found insufficient evidence to charge Adams with any crime.

The sex scandal broke in January after Adams took office, when he admitted that during the election campaign last year he lied when he said he did not have sexual relations with Breedlove. In acknowledging the lie, Adams insisted he waited until Breedlove turned 18.

Kroger looked into whether Adams had sexual contact with Breedlove before he turned 18, which would have been a misdemeanor. Breedlove said he was 17 when he and Adams first kissed - but Kroger's report concluded that Breedlove's accounts lacked corroborative evidence.

The report said Breedlove had given inconsistent accounts of two kissing incidents, one while he was in a car with Adams and the other in a City Hall bathroom. Breedlove's mother, Gwen Roseler, said in her statement that Adams' lawyers dissuaded him from including the kissing incidents in a signed statement he gave them.

"At that time, it was discussed the negative implications that could occur if the kissing incidents were revealed," she wrote. "Mr. Adams spoke to my son specifically regarding the kissing incident at City Hall.

"Mr. Adams' legal advisers refused to include that information in the statement, saying it 'wasn't necessary to the investigation.' "

Breedlove's mother said her son was naive and trusting.

"As I see it now, these actions were all part of Mr. Adams' strategy to discredit my son and deceive the public, in the very beginning," she wrote.

Breedlove has made no public comments since the state released its investigative report Monday.

There was no immediate response from Adams to Roseler's allegations. On Monday, he said the state investigation cleared him of wrongdoing and he apologized again for the scandal.