A.G. barely touches on topic of Sam Adams

A.G. barely touches on topic of Sam Adams »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Oregon's Attorney General spoke in public on Friday for the first time since announcing there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

Attorney General John Kroger got a warm welcome at the City Club where he gave a speech that focused on his efforts to treat drug users, protect consumers and crack down on crime.  He did speak about the Department of Justice's investigation into Sam Adams briefly, saying they did not have enough evidence to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the mayor had committed a crime.

"We concluded that the evidence we gathered fell short of that standard," Kroger said.  "I can tell you that decision was unanimous amongst the people who worked on that case at the Department of Justice."

Kroger said it is not his job to resolve any moral or political questions the people of Portland have about Sam Adams.

The man in charge of recalling the mayor, Jasun Wurster, was at Friday's speech.  He said he wants the mayor to step down and run for re-election in November.  And he said there is still strong support behind his effort to recall Sam Adams.