Head of Sam Adams recall effort addresses the City Council

Head of Sam Adams recall effort addresses the City Council »Play Video
Jason Wurster speaks before the Portland City Council on Wednesday, July 29, 2009.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Jason Wurster, the chief petitioner in the campaign to recall Sam Adams, addressed the City Council and the mayor on Wednesday, asking for integrity, honesty and transparency. 

Wurster wants city employees to feel safe signing recall petitions and he also had a few other words for City Commissioner Randy Leonard and the mayor.

"Randy, please stop being Sam's mouthpiece.  It is not your job.  I really do not want to involve state elections on this. Sam, just resign," Wurster told the City Council.

Leonard (pictured at right) replied by saying he was not Sam's mouthpiece and then went on to say he stands behind the mayor.

"The things I say are from my heart," Leonard said.  "I believe in Sam. I believe he is good for this city. I believe this city needs him."

Leonard said he has forgiven Adams and he believes most Portlanders will eventually forgive him as well.

According to Wurster, he has more than 300 trained signature gatherers. The group has to collect more than 32,000 signatures from the pool of 355,000 eligible Portland voters.  Then, the city has to certify the signatures and if that happens, Adams has five days to decide whether to resign.  If he doesn't, there are 35 days for a campaign.  And finally, if all that happens, it could be mid-November before there is a recall vote.