Beaverton to spend $90K on baseball idea

Beaverton to spend $90K on baseball idea

BEAVERTON, Ore. - The City of Beaverton is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to luring the Beavers baseball team.

The city has hired two powerful law firms to look at the feasibility of a new stadium for Portland's minor league team, which has to leave PGE Park after next year because the stadium is being renovated for the Portland Timbers Major League Soccer franchise.

Portland has yet to come up with a viable alternative, so Beaverton is spending $90,000 out of the city's general fund contingency budget to see if Beavers baseball in Beaverton would work.

The money will pay for legal help, with part of it going to an international law firm with a special group devoted just to dealing with sports facilities and part of it going to a Portland law firm with experience in real estate projects. 

Both will help Beaverton evaluate whether building a new stadium is a good idea, financially.  They will also help with all of the complicated negotiations and due diligence that will be required.

At this point, there is a short list of possible locations in Beaverton and the last estimated price tag was around $50 million.