Burgerville to serve bikes at 'to go' lanes

Burgerville to serve bikes at 'to go' lanes
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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - After apologizing to a Portland bicyclist who was refused service at a drive-through window, Burgerville says those lanes will be available to customers on two wheels as well as four.

Burgerville also said Friday it is considering opening dedicated bike lanes at its 39 drive-throughs in Oregon and Washington. In a statement, the company said it plans to announce a formal bicycle drive-through program within the next two weeks.

Earlier this week, cyclist Sarah Gilbert stopped for a cheeseburger, only to be told by employees that the drive-through lane was for cars only.

Jack Graves, Burgerville chief cultural officer, said the company has apologized.

Gilbert said she's impressed, calling it "a brilliant example of how to be responsive to consumers."

The company previously left it up to general managers at its restaurants to decide how to serve bicyclists.
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