Burgerville: Get your calorie bill here

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The Burgerville on Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard is rolling out a program that prints nutritional information for each order directly on the receipt.

PORTLAND, Ore. -  At the Burgerville on Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard, they're serving up more than just burgers and fries.

The new receipts there not only show customers what they order, but also the nutritional value for exactly how they ordered it.

"Guests order and ask for different things: different buns, different cheeses, different sauces, different everything," said Jeff Harvey, president and CEO for Burgerville. "So to put a label on the menu is not going resolve that challenge."

Right now this caloric-bill program is just a pilot program. But it could be expanded to more stores in September.

"It's kind of nice," said Burgerville customer John Spaith. "If I was watching my weight more this would be very helpful."

We decided to put the system to the test, to see just how much you can 'save.' We ordered up the cheeseburger basket. A Burgerville cheeseburger basket

The first part of the receipt shows the cheeseburger we ordered that's 639 calories. The french fries, that's a regular serving, that's 360 calories. And the shake, the special one that's in stores right now, that alone is 840 calories.

So what happens if you start taking some of this stuff away? We took away the fries and shake, ordering the exact same hamburger with a diet coke instead.

Comparing both of the receipts we found we could save 1,200 calories.

It's the very act of putting an exact value on what you're eating that Burgerville officials think hopefully will get people to make better choices.

"I think I might be, you know, adding more salads to what I eat," said unsuspecting calorie-bill customer Brendan Jamieson. "This certainly gives me information what I'm going to buy next time."

That's because these new receipts also give you recommendations on what you can do better next time. If we had ordered the blackberry smoothie instead of shake, we would have saved 380 calories and 38 grams of fat.