Which schools will air the President's remarks, and which ones won't? Find out

Which schools will air the President's remarks, and which ones won't? Find out

PORTLAND, Ore. - The issue of President Obama's school speech has added one more thing for many local school districts to worry about on the first day of school.

I spent today looking into whether various schools planned to show the speech, or not.

There area a wide range of approaches to this. Some districts will leave it up to teachers. One plans not to show it at all.

Hockinson High School will not air Obama's speech at the start of school. After some complaints from parents who think the President has a political agenda here, Hockinson School District in Washington decided to take a conservative approach. It's not showing the speech - saying the timing is bad and that even a speech from the President of the United States should be reviewed first to see if it is appropriate.

[Web note: An advance copy of the speech has been released by the White House, and the optional lesson plans, developed by Teaching Ambassador Fellows through the U.S. Department of Education, follow closely the wording used by Republican President George Bush Sr. in his start-of-the-school-year education address.]

Oregon Trail and North Clackamas secondary schools won't show it either - because only a few grades there hold the orientation where the speech would be shown.

But North Clackamas elementaries, Beaverton and Portland public schools left it up to each school and teacher to decide.

"Our thought is," said Matt Shelby for Portland public schools, "if we have the President at the beginning of the year talking about education importance and urging [students] on to a successful school year, then that's definitely a message we can get behind for our district."

If Portland parents are concerned they can talk to the teacher, and the district said no one will be forced to watch. The same goes for Evergreen School District.

The biggest reason a lot of kids here may not see it is the timing. The speech will be broadcast and online beginning at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (noon Eastern Time). That's right at the start of school - and it just may be too hectic.

If you want to watch the speech it will be streamed live on Whitehouse.gov at 9 a.m. Tuesday. It also will be broadcast live on C-Span.

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