Jewel thief + unlocked cabinet = $5,000 gone

Jewel thief + unlocked cabinet = $5,000 gone

PORTLAND, Ore. – Jimmy Vilaysanh gets a little sick to his stomach when he sees surveillance video of a man lifting $5,000 worth of jewelry from his jewelry store.

“God, this guy is grown up. Mature. You know, he looks like a grandfather,” Vilaysanh said.

A bald man with glasses can be seen reaching over the glass case and feeling the locks behind the counters on Wednesday at Jessica’s Jewelers on Southeast 82nd Avenue.

The man walks around in the store for a moment, comes back to the counter, and tries to open the cabinet door. After some effort, he finds that the door is unlocked. He opens it, takes his time grabbing three pairs of diamond earrings, casually puts them in his pocket, and leaves.

“One snatch. He took that much,” said Vilaysanh. “It really takes the heart out of you that people can do that. It’s just unbelievable.”

Vilaysanh said he didn’t realize the jewelry was missing until Thursday morning. He said business has been tough, and after the robbery, it got a lot tougher.

“Just return my merchandise. I don’t want anything more, anything less. If you can say sorry, the rest is up to law enforcement. I just want my merchandise back.”

Vilaysanh said he was ripped off about six months ago on a busy day. He said there are now sixteen cameras in his store.

Anyone who thinks they recognize the thief, they are asked to call Portland police.