Oregon's Gaffney is not just another swimmer

Oregon's Gaffney is not just another swimmer »Play Video
Thursday's swim in the Boston harbor was just one of several long swims Oregon resident Karen Gaffney has completed to raise awareness for Down Syndrome.
An Oregon woman, famous for proving Down Syndrome doesn't keep her from accomplishing amazing things, has done it again.
This morning, Karen Gaffney swam five miles across a very chilly Boston harbor. She did it to raise awareness of Down syndrome and show how stereotypes don't fit.
This is the latest in a long list of her amazing feats including 16 swims across San Francisco Bay and swimming nine miles across Lake Tahoe.
Today's swim was especially challenging because of big waves and gusty winds. When KATU’s Brian Wood talked with her by phone afterwards she said the waves tossed her all around. 
"It was pretty choppy," she said. "It felt like a washing machine. The waves kind of go from one side to the other side. I kept getting lost in between the waves."
A support boat followed and two other swimmers took turns shadowing her epic adventure. It took more than four hours to complete the route. At one point, the U.S. Coast Guard required a change in course because the conditions were so bad. But, Gaffney persevered and said it felt great crossing the finish line.