Flag rally wraps up in Albany

Albany flag rally
A rally for the American flag was held Saturday in Albany, outside the apartment complex that sparked nationwide interest when it banned all flag symbols - including the American flag - and reportedly threatened tenants who did not comply with eviction.

ALBANY, Ore. - The controversy over an Albany apartment complex's flag ban may be over, but protesters still took time to show their support of flying old glory.

Dozens of people showed up outside the Oaks Apartments despite Saturday's rain. Supporters said they decided to rally even though apartment management lifted its ban on all flags - including the American flag - earlier this week.

"There was lots of honking of horns in support by passersby," reported one person at the flag rally. "People came to show support for our troops, our flag, our determination to keep Old Glory flying - and all despite the rain."

We're told that the owner had put up flags on the outside of the complex and a new flag on the property flag pole. Those at the rally gathered around the flag pole to pledge allegiance.

Before leaving the rally, participants also lined the sidewalk outside the complex with American flags.

Flag rally at the Oak Apartments in Albany, Ore.