Roloff Farm near Hillsboro hit by vandals

Matt Roloff talks to KATU about the recent sign vandalisms at his family's farm near Hillsboro. »Play Video
Matt Roloff talks to KATU about the recent sign vandalisms at his family's farm near Hillsboro.

FOREST GROVE, Ore. - Vandals target a local family known for its success as reality television stars. The Roloff farm has been hit not once, but twice, in the past few weeks.

The family said their message has always been about acceptance of little people. However, they understand the price of fame and its potential critics.

So while they don't know who did this or why, they're turning it into a positive.

Riding with Matt Roloff around his 34-acre farm, it's easy to see why thousands of people from all over visit.

"It's a beautiful day out here at Roloff farm," Roloff muses. "It's family, and they're all around, and they're all involved."

Despite being realty television stars of a show called "Little People Big World," Matt Roloff always welcomes strangers to his farm. But he thinks vandals are trying to intimidate his family.

"They actually took 14 signs ... that people love," he said. The signs adorned Helvetia Road for many years.

Roloff said his most famous sign was bashed in, covered with mud and later riddled with bullet holes - scaring his neighbors and his own family.

"It's a little scary, especially as a little family," he said. "We feel vulnerable to have them come out and shoot our sign and take to guns, it makes you think."

His son Jeremy Roloff agrees. "Vandalism is one thing," said Jeremy. "[Being bashed with] the hammer is bad enough and unnecessary, but when it goes to guns ... I think that pushes you over the edge."

Nonetheless, his son Zachary Roloff said he's trying to keep this in perspective. "I personally think it's probably some kids thinking they are cool," Zachary said.

Despite the vandalism, their pumpkin sales were the highest in the 10 years they have been welcoming guests onto their farm.

"People are going to do negative things and you have to see if you can turn it into the positive."

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is looking into this case. The Roloff family told KATU they are personally offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of the vandals.