TriMet: Banned service dog can't follow commands

TriMet: Banned service dog can't follow commands »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- TriMet officials say the disabled woman who feels discriminated against because a LIFT driver kept her from boarding with her service dog is welcome to come back - but she'll have to leave the dog at home. 

TriMet sent a supervisor out with the Northeast Portland woman's route Tuesday. The supervisor reported back that neither the operator of the LIFT van nor the supervisor was able to get the dog under control.

They said the puppy was "all over the place" and wouldn't follow commands. The puppy's name is Sweetie, and is a service dog "in training." reported Kay Williford's story Tuesday. Williford said she has had other service animals over the years - animals that boarded TriMet's lift vehicle with her.

Williford said in the past Williford would take the lift and the dog would take the stairs. On Monday, she told KATU that - for the first time - a driver told her that wasn't OK. Williford said she missed an important surgery as a result.

A TriMet spokesperson told KATU that it is not the transportation agency's responsibility to train the dog or get this particular dog on board. The dog is banned from the LIFT until it can follow commands.