Arctic chill will stay for a few more days

Arctic chill will stay for a few more days »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Temperatures are expected to continue dropping throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington Sunday as a frigid arctic front moves south from Canada. Meanwhile, whipping wind caused downed power lines that have left more than 11,000 PGE customers without power Sunday afternoon.

Light snow fell this morning on some parts of the Portland metropolitan area. However forecasters said the lack of moisture in the air means snow isn't expected back until Thursday, Dec. 10.

The National Weather Service warns the cold air will spread into Washington then Western Oregon through the day and will bring strong wind gusts in places, especially in the mountains. KATU forecaster Joe Raineri predicts a high of 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the Portland area Sunday, with a east wind gusts of 45 miles per hour making it feel much cooler.

A low of 22 degrees is expected in the Portland area tonight. Nighttime temperatures Sunday and Monday in other parts of Oregon and Southwest Washington would fall into the teens and twenties. On Monday daytime temperatures are expected to stay below freezing.

In the metro area, warming centers for the homeless and those out of power will be open again Sunday night.

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