Man dies in shooting at NE Sandy Blvd. apartments

Man dies in shooting at NE Sandy Blvd. apartments »Play Video
Police search the parking lot of the Sandy Terrace Apartments Friday night for evidence after a shooting left a man dead.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A shooting left a man dead Friday night, but police would not say if he shot himself or was shot by police.

The incident began about 4:30 p.m. at the Sandy Terrace Apartments on Northeast 128th and Sandy after police showed up on a welfare check on a call of a suicidal individual armed with a gun. Police were able to get a woman and three children out of the apartment before convincing the man to walk out.

Police said they made contact with the man and that shots were fired, but police said nothing else.

“We are not releasing any additional information right now,” said Detective Mary Wheat, spokeswoman for the Portland Police Bureau. “Shots were fired and the person is deceased, and we’ll be releasing more information throughout the weekend.”

While police were tight-lipped about the incident, two witnesses said they saw a man come out with his hands up and appeared to be cooperating with police. But they said police shot the man with a beanbag gun and then in the back with a shotgun.

“He had his hands up, just like this,” said Kenny Boyer, demonstrating. “And he was looking down, like basically, he was just trying to surrender.”

Police spent the night out in the back of Boyer’s home, which is also in the apartment complex, searching the parking lot with flashlights for evidence and videotaping the scene.

Boyer said the man who was shot died in front of a car. He said, first, the man was shot in the back by an officer using a beanbag gun. He said as the man reached around where the beanbag round hit him, Boyer said another officer targeted the man with a shotgun.

“He was just doing that (reaching around) because the beanbag hurt. Then they shot him in the back,” Boyer said.

Boyer’s friend, Robert Montgomery, said the man seemed to be obeying officers’ commands.

“He came completely out of the house with his hands on top of his head, backing up all the way from the aisle-way out towards the police cars,” Montgomery said. “He did say, ‘shoot me if you’re gonna shoot me - if you guys want to shoot me.’ But as everybody seen his hands were on top of his head.”

Police said they won’t release the man’s identity until after an autopsy is finished. They said that will happen Saturday at the earliest.

Police shut down several blocks east of Northeast 125th and Sandy for hours as they conducted their investigation.