Signature gatherers renew Adams recall effort

Signature gatherers renew Adams recall effort
File photo of Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Members of the "Sam Adams Recall Campaign" effort say they have raised enough funds to hire signature gatherers to mount another recall effort against Portland's mayor.

The paid signature gatherers hit the streets over the weekend.

"The new funds will jump start the Recall Campaign with this critical part of our campaign plan," said Avel Gordly, chief petitioner of the recall, in a prepared statement released Sunday.

"Even though we have less than a month to get enough signatures," Gordly said, "we have a comprehensive plan of volunteer and paid signature gatherers and targeted mail to put Portland's future before Portland voters."

Gordly said the Recall Campaign already has 10,000 signatures of the 32,000 it needs. She said additional funds for its Portland Future PAC are needed to "complete our plan."