Happy Easter - from your friends at Aryan Nations

Happy Easter - from your friends at Aryan Nations »Play Video
IDAHO FALLS - It was a quiet Easter morning in the Waterford community when residents opened their doors and found tiny plastic eggs, just like the ones your kids open looking for candy.

Only inside these eggs was an invitation to join the Aryan Nations.

"I was a little disgusted by it and I definitely don't condone any of those actions. I think it's pretty bad that someone would go around and pervert such a Christian holiday," said Luke Erwin, who has lived in the community for three years.

Other neighbors had similar reactions.

"Things like that don't really happen in our neighborhood," said one neighbor.

"I'm very shocked. I want to find out who it is because I say it's very surprising and it's a terrible thing," said another.

Taking action for you, I took one of the eggs to the Idaho Falls police department.

They aren't launching any investigations, yet.

"If they are in an area in which they have the right to be and they are passing out Aryan Nations-type stuff, then that's their free speech by the first amendment," said Captain Ken Brown of Idaho Falls police.

"Historically, through Idaho Falls, especially in the last 26 years, we haven't had a big instance of hate crime," said Captain Brown.

Even so, police want to keep track of this kind of activity.

They say the best thing you can do is let them know when it happens.