911 call: 'Two men came out of their car with rifles'

911 call: 'Two men came out of their car with rifles'
Police speak to two men Wednesday who were carrying rifles openly on their backs. According to police, the men had valid licenses to carry the weapons.

PORTLAND, Ore . – 911 calls show how several residents of Southeast Portland and Gresham were spooked by the sight of two men walking around with large assault-style rifles on Wednesday.

The two men, who were legally carrying the weapons, were staging a protest to draw attention to their Constitutional right to bear arms.

Even though they were legal, the two certainly caused quite a stir.

“Two men came out of their car with rifles strapped to the back,” one woman told a 911 dispatcher.

Another woman called police from a school and asked if she should put the building in lockdown.

Emergency dispatchers got so many calls that eventually they started cutting off callers to explain officers had made contact with the men and checked them out.

Some dispatchers also explained to callers that the men were exercising their legal rights.

“No permission, but they do have concealed weapons permits and are able to carry, so at this point police have been, like I said, kind of keeping an eye on them,” one dispatcher told a concerned caller.

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Listen to more of the 911 calls: