Mayor fires cop involved in 2006 deadly shooting

Mayor fires cop involved in 2006 deadly shooting

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mayor Tom Potter has fired a Portland police officer who was involved in a deadly shooting in 2006 outside his sister's house.

In January of 2006, Lt. Jeffrey Kaer was called to a home at Northeast 64th and Alameda by his sister after she saw a suspicious vehicle outside her house.

When Kaer arrived, he found 28-year-old Dennis Young asleep behind the wheel of a stolen car. Young began fighting with Kaer and tried to drive away. Kaer shot him in the chest and the man died at the scene.

Although a grand jury later cleared Kaer of wrongdoing, Mayor Tom Potter had recommended that he be fired, saying "you made a number of poor decisions leading up to the use of deadly force that, in their totality, violate Bureau policy." Police Chief Rosie Sizer had recommended Kaer simply be suspended without pay for a month.

On Thursday, Mayor Potter announced that Kaer would be terminated from the Portland Police Bureau effective Friday, August 17.

In a statement posted to his Web site, he stated "This has been a difficult decision for me to make, and not one I make lightly. But I believe our community must hold its police officers to the highest standards of behavior, and on the evening of January 4, 2006, Lt. Kaer failed to meet those standards. Ultimately, that failure contributed to the death of a human being."

The statement goes on to explain the decision, saying Kaer should have let officers in his sister's precinct handle the call and that he violated a number of other Portland Police Bureau policies.