City nabs soapy fountain prank suspect

City nabs soapy fountain prank suspect »Play Video
Nolan Cunningham, 19, as he appears in a photo on the Portland Water Bureau Web site. He is accused of dumping soap in the Ira Keller fountain.
PORTLAND, Ore. - Security personnel with the Portland Water Bureau, working with the Portland Police Bureau, report they have nabbed a suspect they say was caught red-handed dumping soap into the Ira Keller fountain in downtown Portland.

According to the Portland Water Bureau's online blog, Nolan Cunningham, 19, was caught August 11 while pouring detergent into the fountain. Cunningham's photo was posted on the blog.

Two other people were with Cunningham, according to the blog. Cunningham was cited by police and his case was referred to the District Attorney.

The water bureau says in their blog that "soaping" a fountain is costly vandalism that requires the city to dump the soapy water into the sewer and then have the fountain cleaned by workers.

The total cost to restore the fountain to normal is in the thousands of dollars.

The water bureau's blog also states that Cunningham is probably not the only person involved in the vandalism as the fountain was struck by vandals again after his arrest.