The search for Kyron leads to local look-alikes

Eight-year-old Hayden looks a lot like missing Kyron Horman. »Play Video
Eight-year-old Hayden is getting used to second glances, but "sometimes when I'm in the truck with my dad, cops try to follow us," he said.

HILLSBORO, Ore. – At first, Don Nys could not figure out why police cars were trailing him. Now, he realizes it's because of his passenger: his 8-year-old son, who looks like the second grader reported missing from Skyline Elementary June 4.

Nys said the most routine errand is now difficult as he's tailed about town.

And now that authorities are calling the search for Kyron a criminal investigation, rather than a missing person case, Nys worries a well-meaning stranger will grab his son. So, he wants to spread the word: His son is not the missing boy.

"If he resembles him, and there's a reward," Nys said, "why wouldn't someone say, 'I want the 25 grand; I need the money'?"

Nys said he knows this is a small burden compared to the burden on the family of Kyron Horman. However, he wants to make it clear his little boy isn't the missing 7 year old.

His boy is 1-inch taller and one year older, but with the same bespectacled look and the same sweet grin as Kyron.

Hayden, meanwhile, is getting used to second looks.
"I've had people look at me," said the Hillsboro student, "and kind of like whisper to their friends 'Hey, that looks like Kyron!'"

The attention goes beyond just second glances. While heading out together in the family pick-up, Nys and his third grader have been trailed by Washington County sheriff's deputies and Hillsboro police.

"Sometimes when I'm in the truck with my dad, cops try to follow us," Hayden tells us.

Don Nys in the red truck he drives with his 8-year-old sonOn Saturday evening, a red pick-up truck like Nys was even radioed over the police scanner after someone called in with a Kyron tip. It's not only police that are looking for him, it's everyone else looking for him too.

If someone stops Hayden, he only has his school identification to prove who he is. Nys wishes he had something more official, "to say this is not Kyron."

He knows Hayden isn't the only kid who resembles Kyron. In Vancouver, the Elliott family has said they have been followed and are concerned for their safety when out with their look-alike son Talin. In California this past week, three possible sightings in Yreka, Calif., turned out to be a look alike, authorities said – making national news. 

"It kind of makes you paranoid," Nys said. "[It] makes you feel like someone's going to come up and ask if that's him [or] an officer might come through the door."
Everytime Nys looks at Hayden, though, he is reminded of the pain Kyron's family must be suffering. He also wonders when it will end.

"Until they do find him, um, I guess my nightmare has just started," he said.