Vigil symbolizes hope for Kyron’s safe return

Vigil symbolizes hope for Kyron’s safe return »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Instead of mourning the loss of someone, about 250 people came together Tuesday evening to rekindle their hope that Kyron Horman will be found safe and soon.

With somber music creating an atmosphere of tranquility, the congregation at Sunset Presbyterian Church was bound not necessarily by faith but in their belief Kyron will be found alive.

“I don’t allow anything else to enter my mind. Would you, if it was your kid?” said Michelle Preble who organized the Facebook pages devoted to the missing 7-year-old boy. “Just as a mom I couldn’t sit by and not do anything.”

Many came to the vigil not out of grief.

“Crisis, like the one we’re facing here with the disappearance of Kyron, pushes us to pray and to turn to God,” said Ron Kincaid pastor of the church. “So that’s what we’re doing tonight.”

Kincaid, who is also a Skyline School parent, encouraged participants to break into small groups to offer prayers and to ask for a miracle for Kyron, comfort for his family and healing for his school where he vanished over a week ago.

“We’re all incredibly heartbroken, yet have hope at the same time Kyron will be returned to family safe and sound, and that’s what’s helping us through,” said Skyline Principal Benjamin Keefer.

Kyron’s parents and stepparents watched the vigil from a private room. Baskets that were passed around overflowed with messages to the family from those who attended the vigil.

In a separate effort to raise public awareness about Kyron’s disappearance, Clear Channel Outdoor in Oregon and Southwest Washington donated the material and the space for 30 billboards that will feature Kyron’s name and face. Ten of the billboards will be in Russian, 10 in Spanish, and 10 will be in English.