Mother: Toys R Us won't stop sending deceased child cards, calls

Mother: Toys R Us won't stop sending deceased child cards, calls »Play Video

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - A Milwaukie mother whose little girl died four years ago says retail giant Toys R Us is compounding her sorrow every year on her daughter's birthday.

Candy Barnes says she has tried without success to stop Toys R Us from sending her deceased daughter, Makynzee Scudder, an annual birthday card and pre-recorded telephone call on her birthday.

In just the past few days, Barnes said the annual card and phone call ritual took place again on her daughter's birthday. Makynzee would have been 6 years old. She died from lung complications when she was 2.

Barnes says the card and calls found her even after she moved from West Linn to Milwaukie. She also said she has repeatedly asked the company to stop sending the cards and calls - but to no avail.

She has even received messages from the company assuring her that her daughter's name was off the "Birthday Club" list.

But again this year, the call and card arrived on schedule.

This time, Barnes paid a personal visit to a local store and ended up in a confrontation resulting in a response from police. Once the officers were clear on the reason for the incident, they also tried to help Barnes get the calls and cards to stop.

Barnes admits she was "irate" and used strong language during the incident. But she maintains unconvinced that the calls and card will not arrive next year.

Barnes also has a son and says he was also on the list. She requested both children be removed and says her son has not received a card or call - but the calls and cards for her daughter keep coming.

Barnes has retained an attorney in the matter. Toys R Us has not yet replied to a request for comment from KATU News.