Feds raid strip clubs owned by brothers

Feds raid strip clubs owned by brothers »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Federal agents raided at least six strip clubs and four homes Thursday morning but why they were targeted still remains a mystery.

IRS agents, assisted by Oregon State Police, hit Tommy’s Too and five other clubs owned by two brothers. One of the brothers confirmed the homes were raided.

Special agent in charge Dan Wardlaw from the IRS’s criminal division wouldn’t confirm anything but that the raid on Tommy’s had happened.

He also declined to say why the agency raided Tommy’s and the owner, Craig Desmarais, said it’s a mystery to him why his businesses were hit.

Less than an hour later, Wardlaw was at two more businesses on Northeast Killingsworth, The Sugar Shack and Video Visions Lingerie Modeling shop. Both are owned by the Desmaraises.

Secret Service and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents were involved in the raid of the two businesses, and a locksmith worked to open a safe inside one of them.

Not far away Desmarais’s brother, Marc, said he came to clean two other shops, the Landing Strip and the Oh Zone owned by his other brother Mace, when he was met by federal agents.

Marc said the agents pulled out gaming machines, money, and boxes of paperwork. Additionally, a hard drive was observed being taken out of the Landing Strip.

The Dillingers in Clackamas County, an adult business and owned by the Desmarais brothers was also raided.

While the IRS won’t say why it raided the businesses, its website says that its criminal investigation division investigates allegations of money laundering, tax fraud and violations of banking secrecy laws.

No one has been charged yet in connection with any of the raids.