Tabloid claims Al Gore assaulted Portland masseuse

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PORTLAND, Ore. – A supermarket tabloid that recently exposed Sen. John Edwards' affair with a documentary filmmaker is now reporting that former Vice President Al Gore attacked a Portland masseuse at a local hotel.

In a bold headline next to a photo of Gore, the current issue of the National Enquirer claims Gore assaulted a Portland masseuse in October of 2006 while staying in town at an "upscale hotel". Gore recently split with his wife, Tipper, after 40 years of marriage.

The reasons for the couple's split have not been made public but the Enquirer claims Tipper "suspected her husband was involved with 'a gorgeous massage therapist.' "

The Enquirer, better known for trumpeting celebrity gossip and other stories that have seemingly stretched the truth (and resulted in lawsuits), was nonetheless on target in their reporting on Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter and a resulting pregnancy. The story effectively ended Edwards' hopes for any future presidential bids.

The Enquirer claims it has documents that back up their story about Gore and the masseuse, who was not named.

"It is apparently something that has bothered her for quite a while," said Barry Levine, Executive Editor of the National Enquirer. "Her life has been, from what we know, completely affected by this particular night and we would like to see the authorities get to the bottom of it."

The woman told the National Enquirer that she provided nearly three hours of massage therapy to Gore in Room 903 of the Hotel Lucia on Southwest Broadway. She said the massage therapy took place between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. and that she was paid a total of $540.

Nearly two months later, the massage therapist filed a police report alleging that Gore had sexually abused her during the encounter. She claims she kept a pair of pants with DNA evidence on it to back her story.

The masseuse also claims the hotel arranged the massage. Clerks at Hotel Lucia said the manager was not available and the company's media representative declined to comment.

KATU got in contact with Gore's people and was told 'no comment.'

The Portland Police Bureau and the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office confirm the allegation.

The D.A.'s office issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon saying the woman did not want to be interviewed by police and did not want a criminal investigation. The statement alludes to further investigation into the alleged incident as recently as last year, but no criminal charges were ever filed against Gore.

The Portland Police Bureau released a statement as well detailing their knowledge of the allegations. Both statements are below.

The Portland Police Bureau also issued the entire police report on the matter. Please be aware that the content of the police report is sexual in nature.

Statement from the Portland Police Bureau

"A national tabloid magazine has published a story discussing allegations made by a Portland woman against former Vice President Al Gore. The Portland Police Bureau does not generally disclose information regarding sex crimes, as they are deemed confidential. However, because of the high-profile nature of this case and the fact that the woman involved provided reports to a media outlet, we will provide the following information: "

"In December 2006, a local attorney contacted the Portland Police Bureau and said he had a client that wanted to report an unwanted sexual contact by Mr. Gore. This allegation stemmed from an incident on October 24, 2006, when the woman involved, a Licensed Massage Therapist, was called to a local hotel to provide a massage to Mr. Gore."

"After repeated attempts by Portland Police Detectives to interview the woman involved, the Police Bureau was told by her attorney in January 2007, that they were pursuing civil litigation and declined the assistance of the Portland Police Bureau’s Detective Division. A special report was written and the case was exceptionally cleared—a standard procedure when the person involved declines to talk to police. The District Attorney’s Office was consulted during this time."

"On January 6, 2009, the woman involved came to the Detective Division and explained that she would like to give a statement. On January 8, 2009, a Detective and a victim advocate assigned to the Sexual Assault Detail met with the woman. The woman read from a prepared statement and detailed the events of October 24, 2006. She reported that she was repeatedly subjected to unwanted sexual touching while in his presence."

"The woman reported that she still had clothes that she had worn during the encounter. But due to the description she gave of the incident, detectives did not collect the clothes as evidence because they did not feel there was any evidentiary value to the clothing."

"After interviewing the woman, the Police Bureau provided additional services per the victim advocate program. The case was not investigated any further because detectives concluded there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations."

"In June 2010, the woman involved contacted Detectives and asked for a copy of her statement, which she was given. She then asked if she could edit her statement and was told she could provide detectives with additional clarifications that would be added to her original report. She also advised that she was going to take the case to the media."

"The District Attorney’s Office has a copy of the reports. At this point, the Police Bureau does not consider this an ongoing investigation unless new evidence is received in this case."

"The Police Bureau is releasing the redacted reports concurrent with this news release. In 2007, the Police Bureau released the initial special report regarding the incident after it received a public records request by the Portland Tribune."

Statement from the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office

"In late 2006 and January 2007 this office was briefed by the Portland Police Bureau on allegations that were brought to it by an attorney representing a woman who alleged unwanted sexual contact by Al Gore.  We were told the woman was not willing to be interviewed by the Portland Police Bureau and did not want a criminal investigation to proceed."

"About a year after this event, our office was aware that a public records request from the media regarding this matter had been granted by the Portland Police Bureau. Today our office was notified by the Portland Police Bureau that further investigation of this matter had been conducted by it in 2009 and we were provided with the reports from that further investigation."

"If the complainant and the Portland Police Bureau wish to pursue the possibility of a criminal prosecution, additional investigation by the Bureau will be necessary and will be discussed with the Portland Police Bureau."

Michael D. Schrunk, District Attorney
Multnomah County, Oregon