The search for Kyron: Terri Horman's father talks to 'People'

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Excerpt from this week's "People" magazine article focusing on Kyron Horman's stepmother.

PORTLAND, Ore. –  Three weeks after second-grader Kyron Horman disappears, the national media focuses on his stepmother.

Kyron is on the cover of "People" magazine for the second week in a row. This time, however, the story centers on Kyron's stepmom, Terri Horman. Her father, Larry Moulton, spoke to "People" about the investigation. In this issue, he says investigators are taking a closer look at Terri and answers whether he thinks she'll be arrested.

Under a portrait of the family is a quote from Terri Horman's father: "She's trying to be as cooperative as she can ... I guess they think she's going to break."

The stepmother's dad, Larry Moulton, goes on to say investigators have questioned her six hours at a time, several times; have given her two polygraphs; and have taken her truck away twice.

Investigators had said the truck was removed from her home for repairs.
When Kyron's biological mother and father were asked about Terri Horman in a public statement Friday, they would only say Terri is working with investigators.

"We've been participating heavily with investigators, with leads, tips, questions," said his father, Kaine Horman.

"We cannot come up with anything," said his mother, Desiree Young. "...It's as if a portal opened up in the school and Kyron vanished into it."

Since Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary School on June 4, investigators have sent a questionnaire to neighbors and parents – singling out Terri Horman –asking if they had seen her or her truck.

Close friends have spoken out to defend her.

"Terri was the last one to see Kyron, so it is only reasonable to assume that people would speculate and become suspicious of Terri," said friend Michael Cook. "But it doesn't mean she had anything to do with it."

Terri Horman's father said "the finger points back at stepmoms.  She's trying to be cooperative." And he describes his daughter – a former teacher – as being "really good with kids."

But when People's interviewer asked if Moulton thinks his daughter will be arrested, the article quotes him with this response: "I think it's 50-50."
Kyron's biological father has said he believes Terri, like the rest of the family, is committed to finding Kyron.

Investigators refuse to comment about any possible suspects or persons of interest. They have, however, said they believe the disappearance of this 7-year-old boy from rural Northwest Portland is an "isolated incident."

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