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PORTLAND, Ore. - KATU News has been tracking postings by Kyron Horman’s stepmother, Terri Horman, on KATU.com’s comment section. While there are no bombshells in them it is the first time she has communicated publicly about her stepson’s disappearance.

KATU News traced her user ID to an e-mail address, which it then traced to a professional Internet profile in the name of Terri Horman. The account was set up well before Kyron disappeared.

In the postings, Terri defends herself against all kinds of accusations.

For example, five days after Kyron disappeared, KATU On Your Side investigators found Terri and her husband, Kaine, leaving their gym after a workout.

People commented about it and called her actions “unbelievable.”

Terri responded: “Wow. Unless you know all the details, the stress, the worry, the pain, you have nothing to speak of. You are merely making assumptions - you have no facts, details or knowledge to present so please refrain from your accusations,” she wrote.

She also responded to less significant matters like to people wondering why the couple’s Ford truck was towed from the Horman’s property.

Terri writes it was a mechanical issue. “If I may clear your mind … the truck was towed due to starter and is back at the property.”

In her longest post, about the church vigil for Kyron, Terri takes issue with a person who criticized the Horman family for observing the ceremony from a private room.

“Just so you can have the facts straight since I know personally … The family … went to the back of the church to watch and be part of the community - all together - mom, stepmom, dad, stepdad. …”

That was 11 days before Kaine moved out.

So far Terri has not communicated publically in any other manner.

She has come under increasingly more media and public scrutiny after Kaine filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against her on Monday.