Businessman on the hot seat for shady dealings

Businessman on the hot seat for shady dealings »Play Video

Charming and convincing - that is how people describe the man they say took thousands of dollars from them and did not deliver on his promises.

KATU News first did a story on Jerry Rosenstiel in July when he told a group of girls raising money for a soccer team that he would pay them $250 for whatever items were left over from a sale they were holding.

Rosenstiel did not pay the money until KATU News learned about what had happened and we put the spotlight on him. Within hours of our story airing, we received a tip that Rosenstiel had done this kind of thing before.

In our latest 2 On Your Side investigation into Jerry Rosenstiel's business practices, KATU's Anna Song finds there many others who say they are owed money as well.