Sweet aroma of rib joint going sour on neighbors?

Sweet aroma of rib joint going sour on neighbors? »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - A southwest Portland restaurant is getting some heat from the neighbors over the smoke from outdoor barbecuing.

Reo’s Ribs opened on Southwest Macadam Avenue in the John's Landing area two months ago.
Since then, some neighbors have complained that there's too much smoke coming from the barbecue.

The owners say they've suffered vandalism that they think is linked to people who don't want them in the neighborhood.

”Dude had a barbecue down the street here,” Reo Varnado told KATU News. “They never bothered him, never said nothin' to him.  But when I came in here, everything changed.  You can see the expression on their face, you have people coming in your face taking pictures and threatening me, you know?”

But John Dehen, who lives nearby and said he is a fan of Reo’s, admitted he has concerns about the smoke, especially for his wife’s health.

“My wife started getting some health issues about that time and we realized that's what it was from,” Dehen said. “We just feel that - it's good food, we've eaten there before - but I don't think he took into consideration the neighborhood that he was going to be in.”

Some neighbors told KATU News that the smoke problem has gotten a little better recently.

Reo is also an uncle to rap superstar Snoop Dogg.